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Karlee is your no-bullshit coach!  She is a Holistic Coach and Nutritionist. Karlee helps souls shatter society's expectations and un-normalize the noise around them to start embodying their truth as their testimony to experience fulfillment in life, relationships, and careers. Karlee is on a mission to help as many souls as she can step into their worthiness and live a life that they deserve!

She has been in your shoes...Karlee spent most of her 20's trying to break through society's norms {post-secondary, house, family, 9-5 grind, ect} feeling stuck, lost, unsure, judged, and confused about what direction she needed to take to live a life of purpose, fulfillment, and alignment.

Through her higher education and inner work, Karlee was able to bust through society's expectations, shift into 5D consciousness ~ to live a life she always dreamt about but never thought she was capable of achieving!

Holistic Nutrition is not only about nutrition. It is about the mind, body, and spirit connection. It is used to achieve and maintain optimal health using diet, lifestyle, and spiritual recommendations. Karlee looks at her clients as a whole to heal from the root causes and not the "band-aid" approach that many medical doctors only pursue with their patients.

With her many years of experience, knowledge, workshops, seminars, trainings, and coaches, Karlee has developed a signature one-on-one coaching method ~ The Synergistic Effects, that heals her clients from the inside out. As well as an 8-week interactive learning program that will give the keys to becoming your very own Holistic Nutritionist.

Karlee specializes in creating intuitive healthy routines and helping her clients reach optimal health by shutting out the noise around them to start tapping into their bodies' own wisdom and the energy around them.


She provides tools and knowledge to help guide and support her clients to discover their life purpose, heal past trauma, feel fulfilled, how to tap into their intuition, become consciously aware, crush limiting beliefs, become confident AF, use energy around them to manifest and attract what they desire, always be in alignment with there goals and desires, how to create an income around what they are passionate about, and most importantly how to live a simplified healthy lifestyle.

If any of that resonated with you ~ Check out Karlee's Work With Me section to learn more about her offerings and how you can work with her!


  • Holistic Life Coaching

  • Tapping Into Intuition

  • Energy Healing

  • Attracting and Receiving Desires and Goals

  • Intuitive Eating

  • Maintaining and Sustaining a Simplified Healthy Lifestyle


Karlee works with clients one-on-one to dig deep into every single aspect of their life, so they can achieve and sustain optimal health. She coaches clients through Zoom (video chat), and phone. Check out Karlee's Work With Me page to learn more! 

Cooking and eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated, stressful, or expensive. Feel free to explore the rest of the site and see what Karlee can do for you!

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