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Karlee is a Teacher, Coach, and Holistic Nutritionist. Karlee helps people become better versions of themselves by using self-healing practices. She teaches them how to become aware, consciously, and unconsciously through teaching them proven skills and tools that trigger specific responses in their mind, body, and soul, using her methodology, The Synergistic Shifts. 


Karlee's vision is to elevate awareness of an individual's gifts in order to develop an improved world where people can equally support each other through their different perspectives and experiences while serving in their soul's purpose.

She has been in your shoes...Karlee spent most of her 20's trying to break through society's norms {post-secondary, house, family, 9-5 grind, etc} feeling stuck, lost, unsure, judged, and confused about what direction she needed to take to live a life of purpose, fulfillment, and alignment while trading least amount of time for money.

Through her diploma in Holsitic Health and Nutrition, coaches, workshops, and self-learning, Karlee was able to bust through society's expectations, shift into 5D consciousness ~ to live a life she always dreamt about but never thought she was capable of achieving!

She is aware that every person has the power within them to co-create infinite possibilities, as we are all limitless beings that have gifts to be of service to each other by embodying conscious awareness. Karlee has studied and consistently implemented self-healing practices such as yoga, meditation, breath/chakra work, reprogramming the subconscious brain, holistic nutrition, and the mind, body, spirit connection for over 8 years. She provides life-altering transformations by teaching her clients how to achieve a healthy, intuitive, sustainable lifestyle without sacrifices. Her space allows her clients to be vulnerable and express their true authentic selves to discover their soul purpose so they gain a life of abundance, love, and financial freedom. This is her purpose, to empower people to become conscious and in turn, heal Mother Earth.


She provides tools and knowledge to help teach and support her clients to reach optimal health, embody an abundance mindset, reprogram the subconscious brain, heal past trauma or inner wounds, overcome negative emotions, tap into their intuition, become consciously aware, crush limiting beliefs, become confident AF, manifest and attract what they desire, always be in alignment with there goals and desires, how to create an income around their soul purpose, and most importantly how to allow Source to guide their everyday life aka. work less and receive more.

If any of that resonated with you ~ Check out Karlee's Work With Me section to learn more about her offerings and how you can work with her!


  • Letting Go/Overcoming Past Trauma/Limiting Beliefs

  • Using Yoga For Conscious Transformations/Healing

  • Energy Healing/Tapping and Utilizing Intuition and Source

  • Attracting and Receiving Desires and Goals

  • Intuitive Eating

  • Achieving and Sustaining a Simplified Healthy Lifestyle


Karlee works with clients one-on-one to dig deep into every single aspect of their life. She coaches clients through Zoom (video chat), Check out Karlee's Work With Me page to learn more! 

Cooking and eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated, stressful, or expensive. Feel free to explore the rest of the site and see what Karlee can do for you!

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